Five Point Someone What not to do at IIT Chetan Bhagat is the author of two Certain pages from this book are designed for use in a group setting and. Five Point Someone: Chapter 2 . I guess for someone she called a loafer, she had pretty high expectations. He also arranged the course books and. Chetan Bhagat is the author of two blockbuster novels – Five Point Someone This e-book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, access up to 5 PDF/TXT eBooks per month each month).

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Can they show that they are not just a five-point-somebody but a five-point- someone? To Download this E-Book (PDF) click the Download. Hot Deal Download all the books of Chetan Bhagat's here for Free 5 points someone pdf link: Five Point Someone - - PDF Drive. 7. Introduction. C. Bhagat published his first novel Five Point Someone in In this chapter the major and minor themes in Five Point Someone have been.

When this book hit the stands back in the day, the craze was appreciable.

Intelligently penned, fluent story-line and a captivating simpleton thought process. This marked the beginning of the IIT inspired love pages circulating all around the country. Some good, some poor.

But this one - was a remarkable debut! Ushered Read this. Ushered in an era where this kind of fiction was dearth and lack luster. The movie that followed just lit up for a tremendous script recipe.

Although, if you try the same thing over and over again - it becomes damp, almost tasteless. That is what happened with the following books honestly.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat – review

What happens in this circuit is that you download a book for a negotiable price and return it later at any date and time and get half the price back for it. Ryan constantly eggs his friends on to join him in enjoying the college experience more fully, but it's difficult to reconcile academic success which requires endless hours of cramming with any sort of half-way real life.

Hari does meet a girl, but Neha is the daughter of one of the toughest professors on campus, and he can only see her very occasionally.

One of Ryan's plans to make it through IIT and still have some fun is 'the C2D plan' -- 'Cooperate to Dominate', where they divide the work among themselves, each attending only a third of the classes, but sharing their notes and everything for those classes with the others. It's unclear exactly how much time and effort are saved by this -- and how things such as the apparently frequent in-class pop-quizzes are dealt with -- but then Five Point Someone isn't so much about the details as the big ideas like the all-for-one camaraderie this kind of idea fosters C2D already has a whiff of cheating about it, but things get worse when they finally get around to taking a class by the notoriously tough Prof Cherian -- a famed ten-point-zero man in his IIT student days, and Neha's father.

Desperate, the three hatch an even more outrageous plan and then flub it in the most ridiculous way.

As always in Chetan Bhagat's novels, dubious morality is hardly a problem. Indeed, Hari notes that: We probably were real criminals.

But that was not the point. Indeed, in Bhagat's novels it's rarely the point -- indeed, it hardly matters at all.

His characters rarely wrestle with their consciences, and here it's not so much lying and cheating but their stupidity in how they let themselves be caught that gets them a slap on the wrist punishment that turns out not to be so bad at all.

Eventually the trio does buckle down and dedicates themselves to their studies, Hari even telling Neha about the college experience: It is about knowledge. And making the most of the system, even if it has flaws.

At IIT he had his stint as the editor of the hostel magazine. Received a medal for the 'best outgoing student award'.

At present in Hong Kong with a prominent US investment bank for the past six years. Apart from writing, the author has a keen interest in Yoga.

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The Flower :- Neha These engineering and human elements are shown to co-exist in harmony. The definition of friendship spread all over reinforces the theme of the book.

Five-point-something GPA out of ten- a tattoo that remain with them And comes in the way of their friendship, future, and love life.You know Dad still believes that? Five-point-something GPA out of ten- a tattoo that remain with them And comes in the way of their friendship, future, and love life.

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This wasn't my first Chetan Bhagat novel, so I didn't have great expectations on the language front. Will someone please tell me?

Chetan quit his international investment banking career in , to devote his entire time to writing and make change happen in the country. This GPA is a tattoo that will remain with them, and come in the way of anything else that matters — their friendship, their future, their love life.

What started off as an amazing debut just turned into a different career story altogether. In fact for much of the narrative, Bhagat sustains a darkly funny tone that anyone from India's top professional colleges will instantly recognise.

I want to meet your Prof.